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This picture shows the logo of the "Dürener Annakirmes"

Welcome to the official pages of the Annakirmes (St. Anne’s Fair) in Düren.
Here you will find all the fun and useful facts you might want to know about one of the biggest fun fairs in Germany.

You are welcome to the Annakirmes!

25th July until 2th August 2020

The Annakirmes (St. Anne’s Fair) near the river "Rur" with its 150 attractions along a shopfront of about 2,5 km is one of the biggest fun fairs nationwide. Once a year carousels spin, roller-coasters race at a roaring speed and the ferris-wheel revolves high above Düren forming a special kind of temporary landmark.
About 800.000 visitors enjoy this great leisure event in summer especially on long evenings. The Annakirmes is long enough open to get into the flow of the fairground atmosphere on a late night out. With great anticipation are the native citizens of Düren annually awaiting the latest developments of fairground rides and other attraction..

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