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Hints for visitors

On this page you may find useful advice regarding your visit to the Düren Annakirmes.

General plan

Escape route plan

Visiting with kids

This image shows the traffic sign for pedestrian lane: A mother holding her child by the hand in white on a blue background.

Due to the annually repeating cases of medical care or attendance on the fairground the Düren fire service asks you to take the following precautions:

Show your kids Feuerwache 1 (= Fire Station 1) upon entering the fairground and Feuerwache 2 (= Fire Station 2) at the other end of the grounds where they should report to in case they cannot find their accompanying adults any more.

Children necessarily give to cards with your name, address and a particular phone number so that fire or police as soon as possible can contact the supervising adult on the court or the parents.

Please write your mobile phone number onto the skin of the lower arm of your kid so this information for rescue personnel cannot get lost .

Please dress your children according to the weather.

In summer sunshine please make them wear a hat and use sun blocker.

In hot temperatures make sure your kids do drink sufficiently.

Parents should also remember to bring some ointments for the immediate treatment of insect bites. Those can of  course also be treated at the first aid stations and in both fire stations on the fairground.

Protection of minors

This image shows a paragraph sign.

The laws for the protection of minors are of course being enforced on the fairground.

Escape routes

This image shows the symbol for an emergency exit.

Escape routes are marked with Flags bearing the green and white emergency exit symbol and additional signs guide you to them.

Basics for avoiding pickpocketing

  • Always carry cash, EC- and creditcards and other valuables in closed inside pockets.
  • Carry hand- and shoulderbags with the lock facing towards your body.
  • Never leave your bags unattended and do not hang them on chair backs.
  • Keep an extra eye on your valuables in crowded and intransparent situations.

Lost & found

Lost property can be deposited and reclaimed respectively at the children’s rally point at Feuerwache 1. After the fair, lost property will be stored at the lost property office of Stadt Düren at Schenkelstraße 6-8, 52349 Düren, phone +49 2421 25-2347.


This image shows the traffic sign "Caution".

Please remain calm in emergency situations. Try to recognize the cause of the hazard. Move to a safe place. Take other people from the hazardous area  without endangering your self.

Alarm  - get help

fire service:  phone 112
police:phone 110
ambulance:phone 112
In your call for help tell the operator :
Where? State precise location, give the number of the nearest fairground attraction. The Number is usually displayed  at the cashier’s booth.
What?Describe the kind of incidence and the degree of urgency (fire, explosion etc.).
How many?
Give the number of injured people and severity of injuries.
Who?Tell your name.
The operator at the emergency control station will end the call.

Exemptions of liability

You are visiting the Annakirmes at your own risk. Parents are responsible for minors.

The organizer is explicitly not liable for:

  • damages to hearing and health caused by the special character of the event, especially its noise levels
  • impairments or damages to health by third parties, especially other visitors
  • loss of propery
  • design, content, length and noise levels of the fair

Domestic authority

Doemistic authority on the fairground of Annakirmes is executed by Stadt Düren, Amt für Stadtentwicklung, Abteilung Vermessung (= City of Düren, office of urban development, department of surveying). Orders of its staff are to be obeyed. Staff members carry identity cards.


This image shows the sign for prohibitions.

The visitors are during the fair not allowed:

  • to linger outside fairground attractions and walkways, especially to enter marked off areas.
  • to drive or ride any vehicle on or bring any vehicle to the fairground with the excep-tion of aids for the disabled,
  • to carry drinks in glass bottles,
  • to bring pyrotechnics, torches, weapons or objects readily to be used as such,
  • to light open fire,
  • to put up posters,
  • to distribute advertising material,
  • to conduct any advertising activities,
  • to do any business without license as showman of this fair,
  • to create noise using technical devices.

to bring animals to the fairground

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