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Public Transport

Would you like to travel to the Annakirmes by public transport? No Problem!

You are planning to arrive by train?

The travel information and online booking tool of Deutsche Bahn gives you all information needed to reach the fair on the Rur river by rail. Just click the button below.

In Düren station you switch trains on platform 4a to Rurtalbahn (Rur-valley-rail). On special schedule this takes you to the fairground in just three minutes. Rurtalbahn trains are available for the return trip until the fair’s closing time. You don’t need to buy a special ticket of Rurtalbahn in Düren station. Most Deutsche Bahn-tickets take you right to the stop "Düren Annakirmesplatz" at the fairground itself. Please see the travel information of Deutsche Bahn or the customers centre of Dürener Kreisbahn (Düren county public transport) for details.


For some years now the visitors of the Annakirmes can reach the fairground using a ticket of VRS (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg = Rhein-Sieg public transport tariff association). Fair-fans from Pulheim for example do not need to buy another ticket for the Rurtalbahn train for the ride from Düren station to the stop "Annakirmesplatz". All VRS-tickets are valid within the entire City of Düren.


This image shows the logo of VRS (Rhein-Sieg public transport tariff association).

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You are planning to arrive by Rurtalbahn train from within the County of Düren?

In addition to the regular timetable from the stations of Heimbach and Jülich/Linnich Rurtalbahn has installed a special schedule service. From the stop "Annakirmesplatz" right at the fairground guests of the Annakirmes can use some extra trains bound for Heimbach or Jülich/Linnich.

Rurtalbahn especially recommends the low cost "Minigruppentickets" for rides with several people.

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You are planning to arrive by Dürener Kreisbahn bus?

For the visitors of the Annakirmes DKB (Dürener Kreisbahn = Düren county transport) offers special schedule services far beyond their regular time-table.

Especially for the Annakirmes Dürener Kreisbahn has installed a special schedule:

Easy access by bus-lines

The buses 202 and 213, each stopping at "Aachener Straße/AOK", as well as the buses 211, 221 and the "Citybus" stopping at "Rüttger-von-Scheven-Straße" take visitors safely and eas-ily to the fun fair on the Rur river.

This image shows the logo of DKB night-bus network.

Safe return on the night bus

A safe ride back is ensured by the night-bus-network of DKB.


Departure times are linked to the opening hours of the Annakirmes.

Special schedule services

Sunday night/Monday morning, Monday night/Tuesday morning, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and Wednesday night/Thursday morning:

23:15 hrs from "Annakirmesplatz/Aachener Straße"                                  00:45 hrs from "Annakirmesplatz/Aachener Straße"                                 (00:15 hrs last Sunday of the Annakirmes)

Thursday night/Friday morning, Friday night/Saturday morning and Satuday night/Sunday morning:

23:15 hrs from "Annakirmesplatz/Aachener Straße"                                  00:15 hrs from "Annakirmesplatz/Aachener Straße"                                  01:15 hrs from "Annakirmesplatz/Aachener Straße"                                  02:15 hrs from "Annakirmesplatz/Aachener Straße"

Night busses do not stop at "Bahnhof/ZOB" and "Kaiserplatz". A direct connection to the night-buses is provided by the bus-shuttle service sponsored by the showpeople.

The regular fares of AVV (Aachener Veerkehrsverbund = Aachen public transport tariff association) apply also during the Annakirmes. To avoid waiting, the tickets can be bought in advance on the same day from the service-personnel of DKB present at the bus stops.

For further information on time-tables and ride-lengths the customers centre of DKB is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


This image shows the logo of DKB (Dürener Kreisbahn = Düren county transport)

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Free bus-shuttle

Comissioned by the showpeople the Dürener Kreisbahn will again be installing a free bus-shuttle-service this year, taking passengers to the Annakirmes at 20-minute-intervals starting at 6 pm.

This image shows the "park & ride"-symbol.

Stops of P+R-bus-lines

P+R-bus-line south to the entrance of the Annakirmes                          (Rütger-von-Scheven-Straße/Langenberger Straße):

  • "ZOB/Bahnhof Düren" (central bus station/train station) on Josef-Schregel-Straße
  • "Feuerwache" (fire station) on Brüsseler Straße
  • "Kirmesplatzeingang" (fairground-entrance) on Rütger-von-Scheven-Straße/Langenberger Straße

Return times are oriented towards the closing time on the individual day.
This offer has been successively refined and year by year access to Annakirmes has become more comfortable for visitors.

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